Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Contest

Here is this months prize! Actually this one runs til August 15th..

I spend the day on promo and working on The Beast Within. I am almost 200 pages into this book and eager to find it a home. My agent has it on a lot of editors desk so..I write on lol...We shall see! I've been torn about what to write lately because I have partial on editors desks. I hate to start something and then gets stopped. I was working on Beast and then Blaze wanted revisions and 30 more pages and one is light contemporary and the other DARK and HOT. BIG difference.

Diego's Uncle is still on life support. They thought he was brain dead but he responds to little tests like touching his lips and stuff. Maybe miracles happen. We will see. He was supposed to be dead now...he isn't. This man was in a car accident involving a TRAIN in his 20's! They said the fact he lived then was a miracle. So we shall see.

Off to bed! I have a revised synopsis to get my agent in the morning. Oh joy! LOL.. I am torturing my writing pal Cathryn fox (cathrynfox.com) to read it too! She is loving me lol!


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