Saturday, October 08, 2005

Contest winners!

Happpy Saturday!

This is actor Austin Peck.

My first weeks blogger winner is Amanda Brown! Amanda email me your address for your prize at!

The HUGE goodie bag for my newsletter drawing for October goes to:Bowinhand

The Nauturlizer Watch from my October newsgroup drawing is:radiocrypt

Winners email me your address too!

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Friday, October 07, 2005


Hey all!

Well I couldn't sleep last night. I made the mistake of doing a clients newsletter that had ghost stories in it! How nuts was that at midnight! I'd been up since 6am and still I coudln't go to sleep. Someone asked what Grandma said when my son called about seeing the face in the window. My mom came to the house and charged to our very large backyard to do a search thus proving me a chicken and making my son feel safe lol! Book two of my Office Games series was supposed to be 25k. It's going to wrap at about 40k. I just couldn't get enough character development at 25k. Heck it might go longer. I'm hoping not. I have to turn it in!! My Red Hot characters have decided to make and appearance so readers can see them again!

Here is a short excerpt. This is a very emotional scene. Not an erotic one, but one that makes the physical part of what they share more intense:

Several seconds passed and Reese squeezed the knob, feeling his stomach clench. For some reason, Cat accepting his words, and allowing him back into her world, mattered in ways beyond the moment. He needed her. Whatever she’d made him feel that night they’d shared, he wanted to wrap himself in it and forget.
To get lost in Cat and what she made him feel. To forget everything else.
The soft touch of her hand on his arm made his heart kick up a beat and his breath lodge in his throat. Without words, he felt her understanding. Slowly, he turned to face her, looking down into her forgiving eyes, not even trying to hide the pain in his. He didn’t care if she saw. Maybe he should but he didn’t.
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I should have listened.”
“It’s okay,” he said. “I should have called sooner but-”
She pushed up on her toes and pressed a finger to his lips. “Shh. I understand.” For a beat, then two, they stared at each other. Slowly, he relaxed, taking the comfort she meant to offer and letting it ease into his mind and body. “Come,” she said, sliding her hand around his.
Reese followed her into the living room. It was clear she’d been awake. The television played on low. A glass of wine sat on the coffee table. Beside it sat a half eaten bag of popcorn.
They settled onto the couch side-by-side, bodies turned towards each other. “Do you want to talk about it?” she asked, her voice low, and without any sign of probing. It was an offer not a demand.
“What if I said I don’t?” he asked.
She smiled. “That’s okay too.”

Tomorrow I will post a hot excerpt!!!

Anyone who posted on the blog this week - I will draw tomorrow for a prize!!

Above is Adrian Paul. I just started watching Highlander. Am I right or did he get to be a better actor and fighter about season four? Still, the shows move kind of slow and the storylines jump around. Anyone know if it gets better as the seasons move on? I love some shows and am bored out of my mind until the fights in others...Also I just read they are filming another highlander movie! It will be great to see what they do with more modern technology!

Talk soon!

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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Hey all! I am going to post a new contest on my contest page today... Also plan to do a few things on my list for the weekend! No word from my agent other than she knows ones editor is reading. 10 total editors have my work, 7 in the US and 3 outside the US. If they all say no, I might just have to say this isn't meant to be. That's a lot of no's if they are no's! Diego is gone until the 15th. Would you believe at 38 I have never been alone more than two days? This is wierd. I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose with Diego. In the movie 3am is the evil hours. The opposite of the time Jesus is thought to have been reborn. So now I HATE 3am. In the movie, freaky stuff happened at 3am. See, this movie is supposed to be based on real stuff. Real stuff is scarey stuff!

I remember once when I was alone with my youngest son. We were never alone, his dad and older brother were always there. Well Ronald walks into the kitchen and scream, swearing he saw a face in the dark window above the sink. He is freaked and so I am freaked. What if he did? So Ronald and I are huddled in the bedroom and he says, we should call Grandma. Grandma!! Hello?!! He said she was way braver than me lol! I got all indignant and said that was not true. Then I told him to call her.

See you guys tomorrow!


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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New release for friend and writer Sylvia Day!!!

Now Available!

Check out this hot cover guys!!! WOO HOO! Fanning myself. And the storyline rocks!!!


Special Task Force agent Derek Atkinson has a craving for luscious vamp Sable Taylor. But Sable is a bounty hunter, which makes him direct competition in the capture of wanted criminals. Despite the obvious attraction between them, she won't give him a chance and after two years, he's tired of waiting for her to come around.

So he's got a plan to give them both what they want…each other.

Sable's on a dangerous mission. She's not who Derek thinks she is, so a relationship just isn't possible. But like most master vampires, Derek's wily and used to having his way. When he traps her on his ship, she decides to indulge. Two straight days of mind-blowing sex should be enough, but it isn't, not for either of them. Her heart is involved now, but Sable can't let Derek get too close. If he finds out what she's doing, he'll never forgive her.

Derek, however, refuses to let go. Now he's getting shot at and asking questions she shouldn't answer. Sable has to reveal the truth… Derek's love has been misled…

ISBN #1-4199-0385-3

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New cover!

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Woo Hoo Vivi Anna!

My author friend Vivi Anna got her Kensington cover today! WOOHOO! Go check it out at her at the link on my journal!

Today was nuts. I haven't touched my writing in days. Well, not true, I did spit out a few decent pages yesterday.

Some interesting facts I found tonight when I was trying to write and was falling asleep..Don't know what the little edit marks are at the end of every sentence but still its fun stuff..

Fact about ANGEL...David..Angel to all fans..Check out number 13!

1. Met his wife Jaime Bergman at the premiere of "I'm With Lucy." (Edit)

2. He is going to be in a movie with Nick Lachey. The movie is called The Hard Easy and in the movie they dont know each other and they both plan a jewelry heist at the same jewelry place on the same day. (The movie is in post production). (Edit)

3. His first apperiance on TV was in "Married with children" TV show as a biker friend of Kelly,Frank, in "Movie Show" episode. * The actress Julie Benz that played the Darla role in "Angel" and "Buffy" TV series also was in one episode of "Married With Children" TV show. This episode is called Field Of Screams. Her name in this episode was - Sascha. (Edit)

4. The fourth Crow film starring David, Wicked Prayer, is officially set for a direct to DVD, July 19th 2005 release date. (Edit)

5. Has a son, Jaden Rayne who was born in 2002. (Edit)

6. Absolutly the only person that was around for the first and last episode of Buffy, and the first and last episode of Angel aKa-around from the begining of the story to the end. (Edit)

7. He was in the music video from Dido called "White Flag". (Edit)

8. Attended Ithaca College, Upstate New York. (Edit)

9. He's Italian and Czechoslovakian. (Edit)

10. He's kinda afraid of birds. (Edit)

11. If he wasnt an actor he'd be an architect. (Edit)

12. Was in a total of 165 episodes of Buffy and Angel combined. This is more episodes than any other actor in the Wheadonverse. (Edit)

13. Made $60,000 Per Episode on Buffy, and $70,000 Per Episode on Angel. (Edit)

14. David was not in the first episode (UNAIRED) of Buffy (Edit)

15. He appeared completely nude in the end of third season's third episode from the series Buffy, the vampire slayer. (Edit)

16. Played the voice of Angel in the 2002 Xbox game "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". (Edit)

17. He plays the voice of Squall (Leon) in the video game Kingdom Hearts. (Edit)

18. He's 6'1" (Edit)

19. Happy Family (Edit)

20. Married to actress Jaime Bergman. (Edit)

21. David Boreanaz was discovered while walking his dog in the park. (Edit)

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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Night

Well a new weeks coming along with more waiting...My agent is making some calls Monday to follow up on some things so I am considering chocolate or wine tonight....maybe both. The waiting is unbearable.

I started reading again today (missed it)and I am really enjoying the book I bought. Pamela Clare's Extreme Exposure. We have the same agent and so I think her name jumped out at me. Well so does her writing! wow! This book is great. The writing exceptional! Try it!!! My warm up was from Sasha White! Try this story! You won't be sorry. There is a reason Sasha has Kensington and Berkley books coming next year! Sasha also has a cool blog. see this fun site with lots of eye candy!

I recieved a review from Romance Junkies today...Thank you Chrissy!!

Lisa Renee Jones has produced yet another winner with RED HOT SECRETS. Lauren’s out of character behavior on the night she meets Matt comes back to haunt her in a big way later on. Matt and Lauren thought they were only having a one time fling, after all Matt’s job is in California, Lauren has no reason to suspect he’ll be showing up in a most inconvenient way. I loved that Lauren is so hooked on the television program RED HOT SECRETS only to live out her fantasies in reality and then suddenly the show doesn’t hold the same appeal. This is one of those stories that pulls you in and you just have to keep reading until you reach the end of the story, which is just as exciting as the beginning. Definitely a book well worth reading.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

Now, off to write!


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