Saturday, October 29, 2005

All kinds of stuff today

Woohooo Recommended Read at Fallen Angels! Thanks to my wondeful Reviewer and Fallen Angels!

Lisa Renee Jones' Red Hot Secrets is exactly that – red hot! Ms. Jones has created two very complex and likeable characters that will touch your heart. While Matt and Lauren have a very intense physical relationship, the deep emotional bond both are reluctant to acknowledge balances it. I enjoyed how each had to face personal demons to have the relationship each desperately wanted. Lauren’s fears about her job and economic status are very understandable has she struggles to have the job and life she wants. This book should not be missed.

Reviewed by: Tewanda

Thank you Tewanda and Fallen Angels!

Hidden Instincts is available now in Trade!! Now I have to say I read this book recently and wanted to cry. It is NOT my current writing style at all! Still, readers have respnded well. I think the past is often harder for a writer than the readers lol..The cover is gorgeous in person. Glossy and just sharp. I was sooo impressed!! You can get it at Barnes and Noble and Borders. I THINK it will be in bookstores. I am not sure how this is working on the trades. I'll let you know when I know!

Sunday night VAMPIRE BATS..I watched the trailor and Lucy Lawless seems awesome in it..

Next, I have an author friend with an awesome story for Halloween. I just got to read the beginning of book two and its wonderful!

Finally, what is a saturday without a HOT GUY lol!

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The writers life

Well here is the story on my books... ten days ago an editor at Harlequin recommended me for a buy. She had to pass the project to another editor because she just launched a new line and is slammed. She however is reading proposals from me for that new line. The second editor had read me at AVON and really wanted to buy me. Well, she can only buy for Red Dress and Mira. She thought Mira could take me but it got kicked back for too many romantic elements. SOOOO.. I am off to a 3RD editor! Very discouraging. If it goes to the board and I have 3 editors on my side its a big feather in my cap and to be single title HQN which is where they think I belong would be great. BUT the 3rd editor could decide she doesn't love it. We are aproaching the holidays and comittee won't meet so this has to happen in the next 2 1/2 weeks or I am in a 2 month holding pattern. From what I can tell the Harlequin editors within the category lines can buy for the category stuff but if its a single title area its more complicated. This is what I am getting from all of this. You do need two editors approval now so I at least have that... Prayers would be welcomed. This has been a long path and I has actually given myself this year or I had to get a real job and go back to work. Now....well, I don't know what to do. Many editors have my work and my agent has calls out to everyone but she says pushing to hard can work against me too. So, you see, I am in a hard spot. I have another friend who is going through the same thing and we both got our agent within weeks of each other. Our paths have been so similar and she is in the same funk I am. It at least confirms these are normal feelings.

On a positive note, I have some validation to have two editors like me at one house so I am clinging to that. blog is getting depressing! I need to work on that! I will! BUT to all you struggling writers, I feel for you. The dream can feel so close and so far. I'd love to have others post their success stories and their struggles if they have time. I think its motivational to other writers to see the struggles some go through..To achieve but never quite get there. And then when we hear the other authors who have gotten there, we often think their path was simple and easy when it really wasn't. That is the reason I am sharing. It's so easy to feel you are alone. That it came easy to everyone else. If you want a really inspiring story go to to the hotseat and read Angela Knights interview. She struggled to make it forever and it finally really happened big. I am also including in the Red room review a succes story every month from an author...This month is Syliva Day Sylvia's Bad Boy Ahoy is up for preorder at Amazon now!!!

Last month was Sasha White Sasha has multiple books with Kensigton coming out and a Berkley title!

See you guys soon!f you want to join the newsletter then go here:

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The end of Buffy

A great love ends...well, disappointing..

'I'm getting the brush off for Captain Peroxide. It doesn't necessarily bring out the champion in me.'

Well I finished Buffy and I have to tell you the way they handled her and Angel in the last two episodes really ticked me off. Here is the love of her life and they just really ended them like H*ll. How disappoinint. I also thought the ending was poorly written. First, these vamps they were fighting were the kind other vamps fear. It took Buffy days to fight the first one and kill it. Then suddenly they are fighting thousands of these things and new slayers and even humans are beating these things...made no sense to me. None.

I am thinking of trying Firefly and Andromeda...anyone have any thoughts on them?

I find that watching fantasy based shows really really helps my writing.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

What kind of Halloween Naughty are you?

These first two are me....good girl who has a naughty side....An angel or school girl suits my outside...but inside....

I've always wanted to be the bold police woman type below! If only...Which one are you?

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