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More on the promotional class!

More about the class!

My newsletter has grown in leaps and bounds since signing with Writersredroom. Lisa Renee Jones is a marketing genius. Her ideas are innovative and clever, her graphics are eye catching, and she is such a pleasure to work with. This is one class you won't want to miss.

Cathryn Fox, AVON author

"With the promotional advice Lisa Renee Jones offered, my mailing list has grown by leaps and bounds, and I've been able to reach readers in ways I never would have thought of on my own."
--Heidi Betts, bestselling author of WHEN THE LIGHTS GO DOWN (Silhouette Desire #1686)

The romance studio
- has graciously donated 3 static ads (for weeks each) that can be drawn for in my promotions class! They happen to be one of my favorite sites so when they came and offered this it just confirmed why. They didn't even know I planned to plug them in the class! Shades of Romance has donated 3 advertising spots to be drawn for in class too!

Thank you!!
Anyway, hope you will check out the class...

Here is the earlier email I sent..About registration..If you email me at I will send you an invite to the class group that will be active only 5 days of the class.

Thanks all!


***** My prior email

Hi all!

A bit more on the clas I am teaching a class in Feb. with all the promo stuff I have learned over the years. This is everything from going to conference (should you), which reviews sites are best to advertise at and are cost effective, banners (do them or not and how to do them cheap if you do), a newsgroup (need one or not..if you do how do some people have 1000 members and you have 50?).

Another thing published authors don't always know...How do people who started in epublishing have a PR advantage? Try this..they learn all the cheap promo things and grab a certain group of readers. Many entered the published world with a newsgroup of high hundreds THEN they do all the stuff you do. So they come in with a following - think Angela Knight, Cheyenne McCray. They made the eworld work for them.

I have special guests. Cheap wonderful web people for instance who don't charge an arm and a leg. I cringe when places quote $500-$1000 per site! Then we will talk about why some people get huge site hits and others DON'T. them or not? And if you run them..WILL THEY COME?

How to put together a press kit and max your bookseller exposure/

We will cover all kinds of free places to post contests and news..

If you are interested in the class its the 20-24th from 6-8 central time. I will be putting documents in the file section of the yahoo group I do this on so if you miss you can get these things. This is a one time deal. I will all people to email me their questions, up to 4, off list, and be your personal promo person for that week:) We will have a guest each night.

Publishers, promo people, whoever are welcome. I really do want this to be a resource to help!

If you are interested email me offlist or go to my journal for a link to the class blog. I will do this on a EXCLUSIVE yahoo group that will only exist for now until the class and only have activity during the class week. - journal has the class info

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