Thursday, January 19, 2006


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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Coming Soon

Who's On top
book 3 of the Office Games Series
Unedited blurb

Sex, lies, and love...Catherine Maxwell aka 'Cat' believes in the sex and lies, but life has taught her to leave love out of the equation. She keeps her life simple, avoiding the corporate world of her father and brothers. As for her men, she prefers them short lived and red hot. So when she meets attorney Reese Walker she wants nothing more than her proverbial 'hot spot' stroked. Only Reese isn't willing to stop at one night and me makes it known. Soon Reese and Cat are in a whirlwind affair where the battle for control, both in and out of the bedroom, become an erotic adventure. And just when Cat begins to trust Reese, to think she might let him beyond her barriers, she discovers he has a business connection to her father. Now, Cat must decide Reese's real motives and she'll do whatever is necessary to get to the truth. If Reese wants to end up on top, he's going to have to prove he belongs there.

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Avon and other things..

Several people have asked about what my AVON story is...The HOTTEST ONE NIGHT as you can It's HOT! It is for the new erotic line.

Anyway, my son got the casts out of his nose after having nose surgery last week. So glad that is behind us. He had a horrible week. It feels like the new year is bringing good things and that a lot of bad is behind. I love that! I also notice alot of people around me are having great things happen. I don't know if its in the water or what but I love it.

Don't forget, Guilty Little Secrets is for sale at Fictionwise!
Talk more soon!

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