Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hi all!
Just a very short mini newsletter!

I hope everyone had a great holiday!!!

Christmas King news! Well, its not a quickie anymore! After talks, my editor and I, decided this world I created could be an exciting place to explore and its a shame to see it end as a quickie. So...Christmas King will release in December as a single title. ...Here is a quick look at the world:

UNEDITED!!! Still in rough expanded form!!!
Once upon a time…

He existed as a leader, part beast and part man, ruling with a combination of honor and a heavy hand. His strength was that of three men, his speed that of a lethal panther. He was of pure blood unlike those he ruled. His power to lead along with his passion for victory in war, an inspiration to his people. He could have lived for centuries, but with age, the beast began to take control making his existence a danger to others. The beast raged inside and stole his honor, bringing forth his violent nature, taking away his drive for peace and law.

This powerful leader, the King of the Planet Warcon, was expected to produce an heir. An heir he would then train to be a future leader. The son who would be forced to order his father’s death when the beast had finally claimed control.

But salvation showed itself in the form of a near extinct family of Fae. They landed on the planet Warcon and with them a miracle. One of these Fae fell in love with the King. And with her love, the beast was magically tamed, no longer taking control. No longer able to destroy the honor of the man.

But the Fae were few, and the evil leader of a neighboring planet wanted them extinct. He attacked viciously and killed the ruling Warcon King and Queen as well as most of the Fae.

This left the King’s son, Alcron, to take control of Warcon. Only one female Fae infant was left aliveAlcron took the child to earth, leaving her in the protection of an elder Fae.

Now Alcron fights for his people even as he battles his own beast, praying for the day he can claim his princess. Hoping his princess comes of age before the beast destroys the man within.


A new cover and release date soon! I'll let you know!

As for other happenings...I turned in my proposals to the NYC editor who requested them right before the holiday. I have several things pending and I really hope to have news soon! I think several editors may have read me over the holiday so cross your fingers for me! My Vamps want a home and I love them and really want to see them come to life!:)

HURT SO GOOD is on sale NOW at Ellora's Cave! Interesting thing about this book is it got a E erotic rating from EC. I do think its hot but I think HEALER was really hot and it got a lower rating. Also, HURT SO GOOD, has a lot of humor. It's a different style for me that I hope you will enjoy! I'd love to hear what you think!

If you spot protector in stores please yell! I get all excited to know my name is on a bookshelf in some state I have never even visited!!

Take care all! Talk soon!


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