Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hey all

I am holding a class next month.. its all the things I learned from newbie to NYC contract and in between doing author promo. Which sites are worth advertising on. Will a conference help? Best use of advertising money. How to take your group from 300 like one of my promo clients to 800 now...and so on...lots of stuff. I have also invited some guests like web people, and some review sites to talk about the cheapest best ways to get your books promoted.

This is a one time deal. Oh promotional people are welcome! Pick my brain! I started doing promo because I ran a big company and need to stay busy and ultimately I just love helping! I am glad to pass along good things to help all! What I do for my clients is more one on one not straight promo. Helping with anything from agents to bookstore promotions. So I have nothing I am not willing to share! Come on over! Send your promo person:) I am not taking new clients so I am not competition...I am focused on doing a good job for the ones I have!

Feb 20-24th for 2 hours each night. First hour will be lecture on line. Second guest speaker and questions. During that week I am taking one on one questions too.
Hope you will join me!

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Writing Sex is like watching scary movies

Why you ask? Well, let me tell you... Every book I write I say 'this is the hottest one I have written'...Now WHY do they get hotter? I think its like going to the movies. We want bigger, better, more intense. It takes more to get us excited. So writing sex...I think as a writer when you go to place you get comfortable there. Once you stretch in the next book trying to out do yourself you tend to go to a new place. A new level. Hotter sex if you write sex.

So..when I finish this book it will indeed be the HOTTEST book I have ever written. Fortunately, I can say its worked my imagination as well. It's pushed me to think through a unique world. But because this book revolves around a SEX I had to figure out how to make the characters connect and not turn the book into something just about sex. That really pushed me. The market is HOT right now. But I like writing Romance. So now I am learing how to take something that is sexy in premise and still make it a romance. Usually I take a premise and make it hot simply by the characters desire for each other. This was a reversal. The premise is so hot that the romance could easily have been secondarly. The balance had to be just right. I actually deleted one chapter 7 times! 7 times! Not because it was bad but because the balance didn't feel right...!

Anyone had this happen to them? Or readers when you want a HOT book where does the need for romance come in for you? Do you want happily ever after?

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