Friday, July 07, 2006

Well, I haven't been blogging because I have a new site coming but its taking a while so I thought I better start blogging again. I have just turned in my revisions to BLAZE. This is it. I will either get a contract or not. So I wait...nervous nervous nervous. The editor at Blaze..well, I love her! She is wonderful and I would love to work with her. Actually I really already have. I wrote this proposal because Brenda Chin had read something that didn't fit her lines but she liked my vioce. So she said - write a few blurbs and lets pick an idea. So I did and she picked and thus I started writing a proposal. After the first draft, Brenda hooked me up with Wanda Ottewell aka the editor I love. We've worked together on it so it feels that I have indeed worked with Wanda. And it was enough to convince me her insight is awesome and I'd love to be with her long term. I also just gave her a Spice proposal which is more my dark voice many of you know. The Blaze is lighter, more fun. I hope lol! If I did a good job.

Still waiting and hoping to hear on lots of other editor at Berkley has several single title proposals so I am on pins and needles...

SO we shall see!!

On Amazon...ALLURING TALES 1 for preorder! HURT SO GOOD for preorder - new anthology Pocket put together with three EC authors!!!YAY! This will be mass market. HEALER in print!! Check them out:)!!


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