Thursday, March 23, 2006

Berkley Deal at Publishers Marketplace!

Women's/Romance - Lisa Renee Jones's PURPLE MAGIC, a novella, to Kate Seaver at Berkley, in a nice deal, by Natasha Kern at Natasha Kern Literary Agency.


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Hey all!

Just a quick note about the classes I am teaching...Also..I posted about chats and the real value or lack of value on the tips site....

I was very caffeine deprived when I typed it so I hope it makes sense!

Two NEW classes I am teaching:

Agent 101
2 intense hours on Saturday April 8th (there is a May class as well)
Submit to the right agents
Submit to impress - what should you send and how should it be presented
Once you get an offer - why you should interview the agent and how to do it....The risks of not hiring the right agent including some true horror stories of contracts gone wrong with publishers and lost time that can never be gotten back!
And lots more!

-Cheap and free ways to get exposure
-Contest, newsletters, chats, interview, and TONS more!
-Bookstores, media, signings, and more!
-Blogs, forums, websites, and more!
This is TONS of material you will value!
YEARS of me going to conferences, working with authors from newbie level to NYC, and learning what helps and what doesn't

Email if you are interested

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I went to the bookstore today. Sometimes when I need to write the bookstores really helps. I sit with my computer, drink coffee, surrounded by inspiration and motivation. Other times the books distract me and so do people who have gotten to know me. Today was one of those days. Mostly, because I am destracted over a lot to do. I am also thinking too much about the Blaze proposal I sent off, my newest paranormal on Berkley and other editor's desk, and stuff like that..It's a thing that happens to writers. Waiting destroys concentration at certain stages of our career.

But I DID did figure out where I was going with the rest of my Avon book and did set up. One good day of solid writing will knock it out I think. Maybe two. I want to get it done by the weekend so I can get back on THE BEAST WITHIN.

Wednesday is also the night I take my son to dinner and we talk. I enjoy that night. I love hearing about his world, his thoughts, his dreams. He is working towards college football and entering his senior year so this is an exciting time for him.

Some of you know Diego is getting ready to take the MCAT and we are moving to NYC for his med school next year. So we have my writing career, his MCAT, and my son's football dream all pumping us into a new year!

Off to bed! I swore I would stop working until 2 in the morning and get back on a human schedule but so far I have failed!

Oh wait AMERICAN Diego stood up and actually cheered when Kevin got booted... He is so funny.


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Monday, March 20, 2006

So today, I did zip on the writing! ZERO! I HAVE to get on track tomorrow and I plan to! I will! My hero is hispanic and very sexy so the pictures posted are to help me get in the mood! My herione even calls him a Zorro look-a-like when she first sees him. SO who better to get me in the mood than Antonio?

Can't wait for American Idol tomorrow. I must admit I've become hooked! I didn't even watch last season and I can't wait this season!! How about you guys? And who are you voting for?

Oh and several people from that on line group emailed me off list and were so very nice. I really appreciated their emails!!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ramblings of Lisa

It's late Sunday night...its been a long weekend. I've put in 12 hours a day working on promo and other stuff. MUST pay the bills lol. But you know, I could get a different job that might take less time but I do truly love working with other authors, seeing people achieve a dream. It's fun. It's exciting. So though I have some times when its hard, and its long hours, I think I would be miserable NOT doing it too...

I recently joined a list where there were lots of self published people. I was realy excited about how I might help. But there were people there who wanted to keep some of the uneducated authors uneducated. Many of those authors went that POD path out of lack of exposure to knowledge. There were people on that list that wanted to keep it that way. One asked me - WHAT IS REALLY BETTER ABOUT AN NYC DEAL - I MEAN COME ON.... How do I respond to that....? That's like asking why Mel Gibson wants to be on the big screen when he could do a local play! I think there were POD publishers there that wanted those authors to see no other path. And ladies like the one that asked that question, that maybe hadn't made it herself, and didn't want anyone else to.

In other words, some people really didn't want me there and were not nice to me. That was kind of painful. What was sad was how bad it was for the people who really wanted to know things like WHO IS EC? WHO is AMBER QUILL? They really didn't know they could publish and book without and agent and not PAY to do it..

Anyway, I signed off the list feeling beat up on by a couple of people and honestly feeling like total crap. I know I shouldn't let things like that get to me. I think its because I left the corporate world, and after being out of it, later realized I REALLY hated the dog eat dog world. For some reason, even thought this wasn't the same, it brought back those types of feelings.

When I started doing promo it was because, yes I had to pay the bills, but I could do something that helped others, and kept me out of the corporate cutthroat world. Honesly, I was good at that world. And honestly, I don't like Corporate Lisa. That world demands things I don't want to be the rest of my life. So..I started promoting. Others started promoted. That's normal. It's how business works. But then I became a competior. I SO didn't want that. But I deal and focus on the successes and the fun of seeing some people really move forward. Even if I only play a teeny weeny bit in helping, I helped, and I enjoy it!

You know I like writing because - well for a lot of reasons - but for the pure fact that we compete with OURSELVES not others. Ultimate our product has to be unique. And if it is there is room for anyone who does that. Good books are always welcomed! Don't get me wrong, the market is tough, and it requires smart moves, and career planning. Still, its not the same as the corporate world.

Anyway, omorrow I start or rather, finish, my AVON story. It's only about 2000 words from done, but I am so into The Beast Within I am struggling to get motivated on it. If you haven't seen it - check out the BEHIND THE BOOKS LINK for KNIGHTS OF WHITE - that will tell you all about THE BEAST WITHIN...I am pretty excited about this series. Love the characters and the world.

I think I will kickstart my writing with this new drink they have at the coffee shop up the road. It's a hazlenut coconut latte with LOTS of whipcream and three chocolats...I hope its as good as it sounds! If that sugar and caffeine don't get me going, well, I will just go to starbucks and get my faithful White mocha! lol..

Speaking of..check out this site I has funny stuff - but true - like this:

Woman will pay $1,000 for Starbucks mug
It has to be the Minneapolis mug. Starbucks' city mugs are an obsession for Leila Schutz. She owns 270 of them. The most she's paid so far is about $200 -- "a bargain" -- for a New Orleans mug with a Bourbon Street sign. "I can't walk by a Starbucks without looking" to see whether a new city has been introduced, she says. (Los Angeles Times)

And I can't resist.. I found this...LATTE LINGO!

Product Information

Latte Lingo
"What will you have?"

Do these words at the espresso counter leave you a little speechless? Not sure how to order the coffee drink you're craving? Learn the espresso lingo here, and you'll be able to step right up and rattle off your order like the most seasoned espresso drinker.


That really nice person behind the Starbucks counter who knows the recipe for perfect espresso and can decode your order and deliver exactly what you want.


The standard one fluid ounce serving of espresso. Each well "pulled" shot is composed of three layers: the heart, the body and the crema - the top layer of caramel-colored foam that starts to dissipate seconds after the shot is poured.

Espresso (E-SPRE'-SO)

The concentrated coffee "essence" brewed from our own Espresso Roast beans. Espresso is served alone in a demitasse or used as the basis for one of our specialty beverages.

Espresso Con Pana (E-SPRE'-SO CONE PA'-NA)

A shot of espresso capped with a dollop of whipped cream.

Espresso Macchiato (E-SPRE'-SO MA-KEE-AH'-TOE)

A shot of espresso capped with a light lid of foamed milk.

Caffè Latte (KA-FAY' LA'-TAY)

A soothing beverage composed of three layers: a freshly drawn shot of espresso, milk steamed and poured to fill the cup and finally, a quarter-inch dollop of foamed milk to create a delicate first impression. A Latte Macchiato is made in a similar fashion to a Caffè Latte except the espresso is poured over the steamed milk, thus "marking" the milk.

Caffè Mocha (KA-FAY' MO'-KAH)

A classic combination of a freshly pulled espresso shot and highest quality chocolate blended with fresh steamed milk. Often topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a light sprinkling of cocoa powder.

Cappuccino (KA-PU-CHEE'-NO)

A typical Italian breakfast beverage using less steamed milk and more foamed milk than the Caffè Latte. Cappuccino can be ordered "dry" for an extra foamy cup or "wet" for a more milky drink.

Caffè Americano (KA-FAY' A-MER-I-CAH'-NO)

Our deep, rich espresso combined with hot water. The result is a cup of full-flavored coffee with the distinct taste of espresso.


A one fluid ounce serving of straight espresso, served alone or with steamed milk in an espresso beverage. The standard for most short and tall espresso drinks.


Two one fluid ounce servings of straight espresso. This is the standard for Grande and Venti beverages, but if you want your tall Caffè Latte doubly strong, you'd better ask.


At Starbucks, an eight fluid ounce beverage, perfect for an after-dinner coffee.


At Starbucks, a 12 fluid ounce beverage. This is the most popular size.


At Starbucks, a 16 fluid ounce beverage. When you need an extra boost.


All the milk, hold the fat. Order a non-fat Caffè Latte if you want skim milk.

No foam

Don't like the way the frothed milk on your Caffè Latte tickles your nose? Order it "no foam," and you'll get only espresso and steamed milk.


More foam than milk. If you like your Cappuccino really light and airy, order it "dry."

Extra foam

Foam keeps your espresso drink hot, so if you're taking it to go, you might want to order "extra foam."

With room

Short for "I'd like to add cream to my Americano, so please leave me some room in my cup."


Short for "whipped cream." Want to save a few calories in your Caffè Mocha? Order it "no whip."

Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Almond

Add this to your order if you'd like a shot of flavor syrup added to your beverage.

Well I had some fun pictures too but BLOGGER doesn't want to load them POOO! It does that every night for some reason!

I am going to try and be better about posting! Hope you will come see me!


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