Sunday, December 04, 2005

Christmas King- Coming this month!

Coming this month! I'll post the date the minute I know!

Alexis Gray has always found escape in her dream lover. He is wild, almost primal in his cravings, but gentle and sensual, at the same time. Whenever she needs him, he is there. Her salvation. Her friend. Her lover. As crazy as she knows the idea, she often wishes he will come to her, to find his way to physical form. For Alexis is different from the others around her, and she knows its. Yet, with her dream lovers she e finds a sense of unity. As if she belongs to him, and him to her.

On this Christmas Eve, Alexis is about to encounter something dark and menacing, an evil shadow, stalking her. As Alexis struggles for the way to battle this darkness, this unseen evil she knows will soon attack, she comes face to face with her dream lover. He appears in flesh and blood, his presence as sensual and wild, as it is potent. He claims that she is his mate, as well as the King of a distant planet. Her planet as well. There is a deadly enemy who wants to stop their mating. Then her Christmas King claims he has kept her hidden on earth until their mating could be safely achieved. Now is that time. All Alexis has to do, is give into the absoluteness of her cravings for this man. But does the call of her body demanding their mating mean her salvation or her demise?

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