Saturday, August 20, 2005


Working on Book two of the Office Games series today.. THE PRICE OF BEING ON TOP...I just signed up to release GUILTY LITTLE SECRETS a re-release of TEMPTING JASON at Liquid Silver books. Bad to my roots!:) Going to be posting a big scavenger hunt for RED ROOM with LOTS of fun stuff. This prize is going to rock! More next week! The 23rd on the writers red room loop I will be chatting it up with all kinds of guest authors! Hope you will join me!
Diego and I have been trying to replace ANGEL. We hate its over! We just started the 4400...the first episode was pretty good. But its not Angel. We are considering Highlander. We shall see.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well yesterday one of the NYC houses said I will have an answer soon! What does that mean? It has me all weirded out. It wasn't not. It wasn't yes. I am happy it wasn't no! LOL! I have stuff out to 6 editors in the US and 3 foreign. I am in wait mode and it can grate the nerves. I started Offices Games BOOK TWO today. It's called THE PRICE OF BEING ON TOP. Book one comes out the 27th of September and its RED HOT SECRETS. Should have a cover anyday. I recived the cover for Hidden Instincts today but its got the wrong hair color. They are changing it. Here is the WRONG hair color cover. Blonde is the characters hair color! The trade is available for preorder now. AND PROTECTOR is on sale now at all major stores!!! WOO HOO! In print! So off to write another chapter!

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