Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm behind posting!

Sorry you guys! I had an editor basically read my vamps and pass them to another editor but say she was interested in me writing for her. She asked for two proposals. I sent 5 ideas and she picked 2. So I am writing like a mad woman to finish them. To top it off I am polishing a paranormal I am completely pumped about and I am the FIRST EC release of the WHITE HOT CHRISTMAS stories and I have to finish that story. All of this and a great group of authors I promo and don't want to neglect has made sleep low on the list and the computer my bet buddy! My shoulders and neck are kiling me from sitting at the computer for so many hours. Even my eyes are strained. But the great thing is the words are flowing and I am feeling good about the work. Cathryn Fox ( read one of my proposals and gave me amazingly right on notes! The woman is a characterization Goddess! Read her books! Your going to love her characters! And her sex is hot too lol!

Anyway back to writing !

See you soon! I will post some excerpts this weekend!

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Had to start the day with some fun pictures lol!

Hi all! Well, blogger is so nuts! I couldn't add pictures all day yesterday so I didn't finish this post that I started then! Things are nuts right now. The only way I can keep writing is to do a lot of other things to make money. I have put myself on a 7 days work week getting up at 6:30 and going to bed about 12:30. It's been about two weeks. I am actually writing with this schedule but I am tired and its taking a toll. Still, writing is flowing and when I am tired sometimes that doesn't happen. I've started talking a lot about my struggles as a writer because I think a lot of writers see others success and think it came easy to them. Tomorrow I am going to start talking about how I went from poor to not so poor and back again to fight for a dream...Anyway...I am excited to get my first review of Hurt so Good! It's out the 23rd!!! So soon! Also I am posting an excerpt from BAD BOYS AHOY!

Sylvia Day is the next big 'it' author have no doubt! And she is incredibly driven person. She doesn't sit back and wait for success to come. She drives forward. I respect her for that immensely! On the 17th Syliva and I are hosting loop day at EC so please come play with us!!!

First review of Hurt so Good!

From Laurie at Sensual Reviews Lisa Renee Jones has once again delivered a real scorcher with Hurts So Bad. Her characters are always written from the heart; reaching right out to grab you and pull you in. Ms. Jones gives her readers characters that are true to life with the same fears and insecurities that we all share and can relate to. I give this book a very high recommendation. Your only regret will be that it isn't longer.

And here is the wonderful SYLVIA DAY!!

Go to her site and enter her contest!!

HER MAD GRACE, the third story in the BAD BOYS AHOY!
“You’re in a fine mood,” Charlotte noted, smiling against the rim of her cup. Hugh La Coeur was also in fine form. Dressed in warm shades of brown, he made her mouth water, the handsomeness of his features lit by a boyish smile.

“I am. Mores the pity for you.” He waggled his brows suggestively.

She laughed. “A girl could become accustomed to having you around.”

“I hope you do.” He pushed away his empty plate and stood, moving to her chair. “Shall we retire to my room and study your map?”

Charlotte rose, a sharp tingle of awareness coursing through her veins. She glanced at Hugh over her shoulder and batted her lashes. “I thought studying the map came later?” Her eyes dropped to his trousers and she watched, fascinated, as his cock swelled before her eyes.

“Stop that.” He grabbed her elbow and led her to the stairs.

“Stop what?” she asked innocently, biting back a smile.

“You know very well what,” he said, his voice a slow drawl that made her toes curl in her slippers. “Drooling while staring at my cock.”

“I did no such thing!” she protested, choking back a giggle as they ascended the stairs.

He shot her an arch glance. “You did too, insatiable minx. A man can hardly get any rest around here.”

She choked. “Horrid man! You wouldn’t leave me alone. How many times did I roll over and attempt sleep?”

“Several,” he said smoothly. “But it wasn’t long before you’d be reaching for me again.”

Charlotte paused on the middle stair. “Only because your erection was poking me in the spine!”

Hugh shrugged in exquisite nonchalance. “You were wiggling.”

She stared at him, fighting back laughter, her entire body warming to the sensual amusement she found in his dark gaze. He was so devastatingly handsome, full of vigor and mischief. He was a man who lived life, while she’d spent the last few years in a daze. She was drawn to that energy, to that zest, wanting to absorb the thrill of it into the marrow of her bones.

Unable to help herself, she stepped forward and offered him her mouth. With a deep groan, he obliged, gifting her with one of his sensual kisses. Charlotte melted against him, her hands drifting to clutch the powerful muscles of his shoulders.

“See?” he murmured, licking her parted lips. “You are doing it again.”

Preorder here!

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who is this hunk?

Hi All!

I don't know who this hunk is but I readers submitted him and hello?!! THANK YOU!!!!!! More of this guy tomorrow! He deserves two days!

Well headed into a new week and I don't know why but I think this week I will get news. I have felt it very strong all weekend. Last weekend was just the opposite. I felt like last week would be a big zero and it was.. I have a new project I am almost done with for my agent that I am super super excited about...... Here is a tiny peek...

Within our imagination lies the truth

We’ve all heard the stories. Tales told around camp fires and at slumber parties. Urban legends, myths, and yes, ghost stories. We go to the movies, begging to be scared. We buy the newest horror novel the minute it hits the shelves. We beg to be scared. Wanting fear. Needing it. Getting a high off the adrenaline rush of spine tingling terror. Convincing ourselves these dark things live only in the imagination…but that’s what evil wants us to think, thriving on our ignorance. Drinking innocence like fine wine. Waiting. Planning. Lurking in the shadows of existence with the poisonous of its presence and then targeting the souls of the defenseless for attack. Preying on the weak and using them to stalk those stronger.
And only one force stands between the hunted and the hunter.
Born with beauty meant to disguise the potency of their skills from those they hunt, they are the chosen seven. Women born into their destiny as part of magical genetic lines. These gifted seven are overseen by the Interworld Council, the ‘law’ ruling all things paranormal.
As ‘Guardians’ of the portals leading from one world to the next, these women are considered guardians of the unknowing humans, shielding them from the spirit world and fighting darkness. They are strong, possessing supernatural powers. They are the force that control the lines dividing two worlds, the living and the dead. The barrier separating the spirits of the past from the physical bodies of today.
For in the otherworld, the realm between life and death, there is darkness beyond human comprehension. Sinister beings demanding to be seen and known. Yearning to take control of the living. Preying on those who believe them non-existent. There is only one way to stop their malicious intent to claim good as evil.
The Circle of Seven.

Here is a wonderful author I think you will enjoy reading! Susan DiPlacido! And you guys her site ROCKS! All kinds of cool things! You have to go PLAYYYYYYYYY! Her book will be in all the Barnes and Nobles very soon! WOOHOOO! It's a hot new line that is Barne and Noble Exclusive! And lol, check out here herione's name! Good choice Susan!!

Excerpt from Mutual Holdings
Susan DiPlacido

Gianni treats us to a lovely dinner at the hotel restaurant where I actually loosen up and enjoy a glass of wine with the meal. Once he orders another bottle, though, Mark excuses himself for the night, claiming fatigue. We’d spent the afternoon touring the city and I can tell by the set of his eyes that he is exhausted. I should be. I am, in fact. But I still can’t believe I’m in Milan and I don’t want to let a second of it slip away, afraid that I’ll wake up back in New York and that this was just a prolonged dream. I’m also equally dreading falling asleep and actually dreaming, because I know that it will be dreams of New York and Tony haunting me, obnoxiously pushing his way into this serene landscape thousands of miles away from him.

Also, I tell myself as I allow Gianni to refill my glass, I don’t want to be rude and abandon my host.

Unfortunately, my host invites my dreaded dream into the dinner conversation. He hadn’t broached the subject of the obscene display he’d witnessed at Ono when Tony was macking all over me, and I was hoping he’d discern my dismay and avoid the subject. But he doesn’t. Boldly asking, “You and Tony. You are partners in more than just business?”

I try to deflect by saying, “We’re in Italy, Gianni. You’re welcome to speak Italian if you’d like.”

He laughs. “My English. It is still offensive to your ears?”

“No. You sound great. But now I can use the practice in Italian.”

“Oh-kay.” In Italian now, saying bluntly, “You evade my question.”

I blush. “I apologize. You shouldn’t have seen that...that display at Ono. And thank you for not mentioning it in front of Mark.”

His eyes flare briefly, but then he looks away from me. Saying quietly, “He calls you Ms. Russo so I assumed discretion was the best option. But you and Tony, I must say, I was surprised. And I was not surprised. Tony, he is a lucky man.”

“He’s only my business partner.”

“Ahh,” he says. “Then he is not so lucky.”

I laugh. “You’re kind.”

Leaning closer, staring at me again, he says, “I see. You wish he was more.”

I blush even harder, take a big swallow of wine. “Why would you say that?”

“Lisa,” he says and looks at me. “There are many things in this world that I know nothing about. But there are a few things that I do know. I know how to make money. And I know women. You are in love with him, yes?”

“Should we be discussing this? I mean, wouldn’t you prefer to be discussing business?”

“No,” he says simply. “When I am having dinner with a beautiful woman, the last thing I want to discuss is business.”

I shift uncomfortably in my seat. “It’s just that for the money you’re paying me, I didn’t think you’d care to be giving me advice on love.”

“Lisa,” he says and catches my eyes. Gazing into them, he says, “You are a lovely Italian woman in your blood, but it’s so apparent that you are American by birth. All business, all the time. Trust me when I tell you this. I hired you to do business. Did you know that you were the fourth firm to do the Mets research for me?”

“What? Why?”

He shrugs. “I was looking for the best. It took me four tries to find it. You completed the work much more quickly and much more thoroughly than any of the firms before you.”

“Are you saying that was a prolonged job interview?”

He looks away, and this time he evades my question by answering, “I’m telling you that I am well aware of your business worth. I am also telling you that I like you. I am not American, and therefore not every minute is about the work for me. We have a different way over here. We enjoy life. I am telling you that it is not necessary for me to pay two million dollars to simply have dinner with a beautiful woman.”

“So where is Angelina tonight?” I ask him.

“Ah! You understand then, this separation of work and enjoyment?”

“Yes, I do. I’m afraid I’m just not very good about practicing it. But you didn’t answer my question. Where is Angelina?” He still hesitates, and I know I’m stepping over the line, but since he was questioning me, I boldly tease him. Asking, “Didn’t you have any jewelry for her?”

Catlike, a slow smile spreads across his face. “So you’ve noticed her affinity for diamonds?”

I rub my ear, hesitating. Still shy of treading too heavily, I say, “I’ve noticed your affinity for giving her diamonds.”

“Well,” he says. “I did two days ago. I gave her an engagement ring.”

“Gianni! That’s wonderful. I had no idea, congratulations!”

He takes a deep breath. “She accepted the ring. But she has not yet accepted my proposal.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. What’s wrong?”

“I also asked her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement,” he says sheepishly.

“Well. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“To her, there is very much wrong with that. She is very angry.”

“I guess, maybe, she thinks it’s not very romantic.”

“And I’m afraid it would be tragically romantic, and foolish, to marry someone who cares only for my money,” he says.

“I understand,” I tell him, because I do. “She’ll come around.”

“She is out of town. She is away on a photo shoot. She is a model.”

“Mmm.” I’m not shocked. She has the exotic, stunning looks of a model. “How long have you been dating?”

“Over five years,” he tells me. “You look surprised.”

“Oh, no. It’s just that, well...I thought you dated a lot of women.”

“Oh,” he says with a knowing grin. “So Google also has information on my love life?”

“Of course.”

Gianni takes a long drink of his wine. His deep green eyes don’t sparkle with his candid wit as he looks back to me. He looks as serious as when I watched him contemplating his wineglass at Ono before hiring me. He admits, “It is true. I do love women. I enjoy their company. But if I had my way, I would have only one woman now.”


“Yes. Angelina. I like you Lisa, so I don’t mind admitting to you that she is the love of my life.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“Ahh,” he sighs. “I am not so certain that I am the love of hers.”

Looking at his handsome features, enjoying his pleasant demeanor, I shake my head and say, “I find that very hard to believe.”

“Why? Because I am so rich?”

I laugh. “No. Um, well. That doesn’t hurt, of course. But no. You’re a great guy, Gianni. I can’t imagine someone not falling for you.”

As he fills my glass with more wine, he says, “Much like I find it hard to believe that Tony is not in love with you. If that is, indeed, what you desire. You never answered my question. You are in love with him?”

He’s been blunt with me, so I open up to him. Simply saying, “Yes. I’m in love with him.”

He looks at me softly. Kindly.

“Ahh, well,” I shrug. Raising my glass, I clink it lightly against his. “Poor us,” I toast.

“It’s a waste, isn’t it?” he asks after he sips. “The two of us here together. And instead of making the most of it, we long for others.”

“I wouldn’t say I was longing for him.”

“I would,” he says and nods knowingly, teasing me ever so slightly. “I know about these things, remember?”

I can’t help but laugh. I guess I was. It is sad. And silly. “It is a shame,” I agree. “Love would be easier if we could strike up mergers the same as we do in business.”

“You mean... What do you mean?”

“I mean, if we could look someone over and investigate them and then just mutually agree that we’re going to fall for each other.”

“That, Lisa,” he clinks his glass against mine and says, “is certainly an idea I could get behind.”


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