Saturday, July 15, 2006

What is it about starbucks? I have to have it. I am at borders and thought I'd settle for their coffee. The cup is sitting here cold and I am sleepy...but I can't get it down!!!!!! Maybe we get used to a certain distinct taste. I am addicted though. You know, Diego is addicted too. I love that we share so many little addictions. It's fun. We both LOVE to have our get lost in a bookstore...We both screetched when we heard 24 the MOVIE is coming!!! WOOHOOO

Had a garage sale yesterday. 8 hours of 100 tempatures. I was miserable as was DH. GOOD gosh, it was hot as hell! I will not do that again anytime soon!

Wrote a proposal today to pitch to one of my editors at RWA...

This is very unedited!

Sarah Michaels is in deep trouble, looking for a way out, and fast.
The family business, Chocolate Delights, is about to be taken over by the competition. With her father’s health wavering, he’s given into the pressure to sell to Deluxe Sweets. A company that has tried to take down Chocolate Delights for a decade. With several notes due, all of which Deluxe Sweets has purchased, the fall of Chocolate Delights seems inevitable.....unless Sarah can find cash and fast.
To complicate matters, the instigation of the hostile take over, is being overseen by, Ryan White, the new CEO of Deluxe Sweets. A man who’d been her biggest temptation in college, when they both attend UCLA. Approaching him to negotiate is going to be awkward, but Sarah sees no other answer.
Ryan has wanted Sarah for as long as he has known her. The kiss they’d shared years before at a party, had only sealed his interest. When he’d taken over Deluxe, learning of his father’s plot to take over Sarah’s family business, he hadn’t been surprised. The two companies had been rivals for years. But Ryan also has his own agenda. One that might just offer rewards both financial, and personal. He’s willing to strike a deal that keeps her in control of her business with Deluxe as a silent partner....but only if she is willing to play the game his way...or ‘games’ that is. The X Games.

The X Games....and underground society where people are pushed to their sexual limits. Pushed to explore all they can be. To enter the games, to enter that world, you must have a host. Someone already inside that world. Someone who has already achieved ‘X status’. Ryan will be that person for Sarah.
If Sarah can pass the X Tests, if she can play the games...she can keep her company. She gets what she wants....and Ryan gets what he wants....Sarah.

Diego's Uncle is still fighting. I hope a miracles occurs! We keep praying.

Next week is the last week before RWA and its my bday week. I would love to hear good news about a few things I have pending next week. It would be such an amazing BDAY present...just in case though, my planned present is SHOPPING MALL and JOHNNY DEPP at the movies!


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