Saturday, November 19, 2005


THIS is my cowboy Vampire hero From Midnight Passion/INTO THE NIGHT on my IN THE WORKS PAGE! SEXY...check out more pictures over there!

Well I am a day from my XMAS story deadline and I am close to done thank goodness lol!! In 3 weeks I completely 3 proposals and this xmas quickie so I have done a heck of a lot of writing! The next month I should know lots of answers on what is going to happen with the work so we shall see....Next week I am going to read and go to several movies to regroup and be ready to attack finishing what editors might say yes on. Let's hope yes!

Next Wednesday is HURT SO GOOD's release date!!! At Ellora's Cave!! Then In December CHRISTMAS KING and hopefully I think in January WHOSE ON TOP. I have lots of other things in limbo that I'll be letting you know on. I have lots of paranormal with my agent which has become my favorite! I really love writing paranormal!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hey all! HOHOHO I slayed the proposals and it brings me cheer!

Well, I have just finished my second proposal for my agent/editor request. Sigh...I have ate, slept, and breathed these two proposals! I can't believe I am done. Now, I wait. I am nervous. Tired. Hopeful. Of course, everyone is gone for Thanksgiving so I won't know for a couple of weeks! Still, they are done. The next few days I have to finish Christmas King. It's due Monday!!!

Then I will be back to more posting and fun stuff. Oh- the 22nd I am at EC for loop day so come play!


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Monday, November 14, 2005

We are live!! Come PLAY!!

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hey all!

I hope the holiday is bringing everyone happy, safe times! I have been running a hundred miles an hour. Much of this I have been sharing on my blog/journal but I got behind this week with so many deadlines... Below are a couple excerpts from my upcoming releases.

Don't forget Red Hot Secrets is out! Those of you who read Fantasy World this is a semi-rewrite but I hate to even say that really. The book is 20k longer and I rewrote almost every word. It's tons better and the best friend in the story has her own story out in January with Who's on Top. You get to see her a lot in Red Hot Secrets!

I am of course thrilled that HEALER received 4.5 stars from RT. I plan to post lots of excerpts from it on my loop day on the 17th at EC! Come play with me. I will have lots of PROTECTOR excerpts as well. And don't forget PROTECTOR is in print!

Also my WRITER BABES group is having a sexy shape shifter contest for free books! Go to my journal and click on the link to WRITER BABES! You can get the details there!

I have a new contest for Victoria Secrets posting on my contest page on
Wednesday as well!

I would love to start a list of who is going to RT and RWA and meet some of the people I chat with. Please drop me a note if you are going!

Here are some excerpts. Enjoy!

Christmas King

December first at Ellora's Cave

Veru unedited peek at the December one White Hot Christmas story from EC...


She heard his voice, the deep resonating sound like music playing in her dream. Alexis sighed, enjoying the sweet bliss of slumber and the escape it offered from so many days of pain. Alcron.

“Hello Princess.” The words were spoken near her hear, the warm trickle of his breath, teasing her neck. Alexis turned towards him finding him sitting on the edge of the couch, his muscular body nude, and as perfect as a fine work of art. No human was made as fine as he. No man of flesh and blood. But in her fantasy world, she could conjure perfection and had been for years.

His hand slid to her cheek. “You are in pain.”

Reaching for him, her fingers settled on his wrist and she leaned into his palm. The sharing of mutual touch brought comfort. He felt so alive. So real. “I’m better now. Much better.”

“There is much we have to discuss, Princess.”

She laughed. Over the years he often talked her through her tough times. Even as a small child, before their relationship had turned sexual, he’d comforted her. She’d aged, but he’d remained the same. “Conversation isn’t what I need tonight.”

“It is time-”

Sitting up, she pressed her lips to his, cutting off his words. Needing the passion and tenderness of his love making. No. She wanted him to show the wildness of his beast. The part of him that took her and claimed her as his. She needed to feel….taken. Like she belonged somewhere. With someone. For an instant he seemed to resist e kiss, but the second her tongue slid past his teeth, his willpower faded. With a low growl, he claimed her mouth, his hands sliding around her body and pulling her close. And just like that, her nightgown disappeared. God, how she loved his magical way of undressing her.

Pressing into him, she tried to get closer. “I need you,” she whispered into his mouth.

His fingers tunneled throw her hair and he leaned back to give her a potent look. “And I am yours. I always have been. Just as you are mine.”

“I wish that were true,” she said, breathless as emotion and desired welled inside. If only he were real. If only she could be his.

“You are mine,” he replied, conviction, low and intense, in his voice. “You know I speak the truth.” But instead of holding her tighter, contrasting his words, he moved away, sitting on the couch and leaving her aching for his touch. And she knew why. He was proving a point. That she had to go to him. That she would. Because she couldn’t help herself.

From Hurt so Good....Jennifer has just ran into the stranger she was drooling over in the bar on the street. His car is broken down...

Releases November 23rd at Ellora's Cave

She stood perfectly still.

His walk was etched with an air of confidence, possibly even a bit of arrogance. His eyes were alert, dancing with thoughts she wished she knew.

God, she was attracted to him.

Every line of his body flexed with muscles, lean but defined. He was tall, broad and gorgeous. Her teeth found her bottom lip as he stopped directly in front of her.

“I saw you in the bar,” he said in a voice so deep and sexy it matched his physical perfection.

His eyes dropped, taking her in from head to toe. It should have freaked her out, his inspection of her body, but instead, it only made her feel warm and wanting. He turned her on. She liked feeling as if she turned him on as well. And she did. It was in his eyes.

As much as she wanted it to scare her, freak her out, make her run, it only made her feel lusty. Her nipples tingled, her thighs ached as wetness dampened her panties.

So he had been watching her at the bar. This little tidbit felt good. Still, admitting she was looking at him seemed a risk. Too bold for her. “Which bar?” she asked innocently as if she hadn’t seen him.

He smiled then, a knowing look in his eyes. “You know which bar.”

Damn. She wasn’t used to these types of encounters. “Do I?” she asked nervously.

“Don’t you?” he countered.

Okay, games didn’t work for her. “Yes,” she admitted. “I suppose I do.”

One corner of his mouth tipped upward. “You looked out of your element.”

“So did you,” she returned thoughtfully.

He laughed shortly. “I was, and I’m paying the price for coming. My car’s broken down.”

She looked over his shoulder towards the fancy sports car. “Did you call for help?”

He made a frustrated sound and ran his hand through his blond locks. It messed up quite nicely. Sexy and rumpled is how she would describe him. He seemed even more appealing. “I’ve called three taxi companies but there is a convention in town and I can’t seem to get a ride.”

Her vocabulary began to shrink again. “Oh.”

“Eventually, I’m sure one will show.” He studied her for a minute, those compelling green eyes of his making her insides flip-flop. “I’m Mark Majors.” His hand extended.

She looked down at it, big and strong, and slowly slipped hers into it. “Kelly Marshall.”

The flash of awareness she felt as he touched her was like a lightning bolt in its intensity. This man rocked her to the core. Her eyes flashed with the knowledge, and in his she saw, for the briefest of moments, the same reaction.

Though she wasn’t in tune with the dating game, she knew enough to know these types of feelings were so intense because they were shared.

Their hands remained locked. “Nice to meet you, Kelly,” he said in a soft, sultry tone that spoke of naked bodies and silk sheets.

The sense of sex floated in the air, and she felt suddenly, overwhelmingly nervous. She tried to inch her hand away. “I, uh, need to go.”

His eyes narrowed and then, as if he understood, he released her hand. “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

Fighting the tremble she knew was likely in her voice, she kept her response short. “You didn’t.”

His eyes dropped to her lips, and she wasn’t sure if he saw them trembling. Without warning he took a step backwards. “I did. I’m sorry.”

She was surprised by his action. She could feel the blood rush under her skin, no doubt making her blush. Tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear, she stumbled through her sentence, not sure what to say. She wanted to stay, but she knew she shouldn’t. “I…I better go.”

Another step backwards. “Goodnight.” He turned then and started to walk away.

All common sense fled. Something inside her didn’t want him to go. “Wait,” she said, taking a step forward.

He turned, looking at her with his expectancy in those amazing eyes. His dark brows arched upward. “Yes?”

“How…how are you getting home?”

Turning fully again, he surveyed her with curiosity and smiled. “Eventually, I’ll get a cab.”

“Can’t…can’t you call a friend or something?”

“I just moved here recently,” he explained. “I don’t know anyone well enough to wake them up in the middle of the night.”

Some strange power took over her body. It made her do things she knew were dangerous, wrong and far too risky. Her mouth moved without her being aware of a conscious decision to open it. “I can give you a ride.”


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