Friday, September 23, 2005

more pictures RT

This is Jennifer Cummings aka Leigh Wyndfield at the far right in black and red. She was collecting tickets from tables for free alcohol that led to the me drinking too much and showing up on the dance floor. Bad Jenn lol

This is me in the blue with way way too much wine in me! Diego shot this picture! ARG!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

No call..

I realized today that all the names are missing from my pictures..So here is me with some authors at RT.. I figured I would start posting them with explanations..I am in the purple with the goofy smile..Next to me is Michelle Bradsley(I think...) , then Jennifer Cummings aka Leigh Wyndfield, the one with her tongue out is Dakota Cassidy, and then finally Jennifer Skully aka JB Skully aka Jasmine Haynes... call....No telephone ringing but then no email from my agent saying..NO! SO..I am trying to be positive about that! Next week I am hosting SECRETS day at the EC loop and I have tons of wonderful authors excerpts and prizes! It's going to be a fun day so come join me!

Sigh..Yet another editor recieved two of my books today..LOL how many more can possible have my work in the WAIT stack? Jeez...I think this is like 7!

I realized something today...I have not had a margarita in like a year. It's way past due. So Friday, good or bad news, I am going to have a nice icy TEXAS style Margarita! How about you?

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Agent call is a little writing him? :)

Today I was staring at a blank page when my agent called. A certain editor I met with and had coffee with at RWA has said she is reading me tomorrow and even invited my agent to send over several other partials...So now I am biting my nails in a mix of excitement and nerves. Will she love me or hate me. Actually she has read a little and likes my voice but will what I have to offer FIT the things needed now? I can only hope....

I am also on a diet. It's killing me. I hate dieting. For some reason I put on a few pounds. I wasn't doing anything different and I can't seem to take the weight off. I have tone crazy amounts of cardio this past week too.Hopefully it will just suddenly FALL off. This is torture..A diet and waiting for editors to read me! Can torture getting any worse lol..

Red Hot is coming soon! A little over a week! YEAH! And Hidden Instincts goes into trade next month!!

So, off to write and do promo stuff!

More later!

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