Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, today I am about to finish edits on a proposal a New York house read and asked for specific changes to. I am very excited. But the key is my agent seems very excited. I already have butterflies. I also have another book going out to several houses along with several proposals that a different NYC house asked for from me. Very nervous. Very excited. I am going to RWA after all. Will be there! YEAH! I don't love RENO because VEGAS is in my blood but I love going to the conference. Diego is going with me and I love that. We have been working so hard we have hardly had time together. This picture is us at RT the year before last. We had a blast and hated missing it this year. NEXT year we are going! Now, I must diet and fit into my dresses! Five pounds matters and I can't seem to let it go! Love to hear what everyone thinks of the new site!!! Talk soon!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First entry

Hi Everyone!! News...Well let's see. To start with HEALER is out July 27th! YEAH! Red Hot Secrets release date any day now! The new site will be up this week. Just making last minute adjustments. But it will include:

-A SEX IN THE CITY quotes section with pictures. That was fun to start.
-An eye candy section! I think that will be fun to keep up!
-A sexy romance section with fun quizzes and tips

Also my works in progress, most of which are with my agent, will all have some excerpts posted. I have some paranormal stuff I really love I am working on..

Onward to book news.. I debated sharing this. I always think talking about something is bad luck lol. But the big thing I have going on is...Pocket read a trilogy proposal and really liked it. She told my agent to have a few things changed and if I pull it off... well, we shall see. I am not getting my hopes up. Then, Warner has asked to read two partials. She read one complete and didn't think it fit them but liked a my voice. Something similar with another house going on. I am really on edge waiting. Nervous. I love my agent. She is tough and hard on me but I am really seeing how much she has taught me and how much support she offers me. Because she has me so busy I haven't been able to commit to anything new at EC. I do have HEALER, RED HOT SECRETS, and HURT SO GOOD coming out and then next years anthology. My editor at EC is being so great about helping me get things out and once I get through these agent things I have something planned with her for another release.

A new contest will post with my new site! A gorgeous necklace and 52 Saturday Nights (a book).

Red Room has me busy too but I am so pleased to have helped one of my clients get an agent. She has an amazing True Crime that I know is going to be HUGE. And her fiction is amazing as well. Check out if you get time. On Mondays we post a dumb crook story that always gets me laughing...

I am probably going to put to rest my old ebooks soon. They really don't reflect my current voice. Fantasy World is about to be taken down per my request. So a heads up there.

This Thursday on the Writers Red Room loop I will be posting excerpts and hosting other authors doing the same. Lots of prizes and fun. PS I was behind sending out prizes but think I finally have everyone's everything out! Diego took a box of stuff I hadn't mailed and its gone off to the postal sky!

Then the week of my HEALER release I will be at the EC loop. I wanted to do this sooner but with the stuff I have going on I just couldn't. I will post a promo on both loops with join links! Thursdays promo will come today.

Anyway, thanks everyone for everything!


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